Confidentiality and Data Protection information


We will always keep your information private and confidential. However, there are a few special circumstances when we might have to speak to someone else who can offer you help and support that we can’t.

  1. If you tell us that you or someone else is in life threatening danger.
  2. If you or someone else is at risk of serious harm through abuse or not being looked after properly.

Data Protection

We will keep all the e-mail conversations in a secure files that are only accessible by the counsellors, we do this as it helps to know what has been spoken about before and how you are progressing.

We also collect personal information from you on our forms to provide our service with statistics that are used to help us improve our services and help fund the project according to Data Protection Laws and Regulations and BACP codes and ethics of online counselling.

We will not share your information with anyone else unless we think you are at risk. In this situation we will keep information sharing to what the other service needs to know and we will always let you know when we have to do this and when possible, ask for your permission.